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Multiple Chronic Conditions Experts Advocate New Research

More than 25% of Americans live with the burden of more than one ongoing health condition, and the number of persons living with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) is growing dramatically. Medical costs for persons with chronic illnesses account for 75% of US health care spending, and more than 90% of Medicare spending on older adults is devoted to persons with MCC.

For anyone managing a Workers Compensation, Liability, Health, or Disability claim, the early identification of persons suffering from MCCs is critical to a successful outcome. Understanding the factors involved is important to isolate and resolve the costs of the occurrence. Experts, including persons with MCC, family and friend caregivers, researchers, policy makers, funders, and clinicians have produced an important paper published in the March/April Annals of Family Medicine to consider incorporating “context” into research on MCC.

Current health care and research approaches primarily focus on single diseases, not contextual factors affecting a person or family with MCCs. Understanding the values and life goals of the individual and family are paramount to sort out the complex interacting factors for current and future care. It is important for the claim professional to spend the necessary time and resources to measure the occurrence and non-occurrence related factors and costs to ensure the successful outcome of the case.

The purpose of the article helps highlight several important areas of consideration including to:

1. identify domains of important contextual factors for research on MCC,

2. advance the research agenda,

3. recommend relevant research methods, and

4. suggest partnerships helpful for collaborative action.

For individuals and claim professionals, the paper provides several areas to consider for managing current and future MCC claims.  For a full reading of the paper, please click here >>

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