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Casualty, Health and Disability Insurance Products and Services

Our Integrated Suite of Products and Services Provide a Strategic Positioning For All of Your Most Complicated Casualty, Health and Disability Insurance Risk and Claim Issues.

We provide focused technology and professional services for your most serious chronic and legacy health and disability insurance claims. To stabilize and reduce the costs of your insured or self-insured programs for the healthcare industry, we understand the need for an experienced team of qualified practitioners with benchmarking and control applications to support key areas of casualty, health and disability insurance cases. We may be the team you are looking for to assist you in reducing your costs, thereby enhancing outcomes.

Our applications and services are delivered on a customized basis for customers specific needs so that you only pay for what you need. We provide twenty-four hour, seven-day-a-week support services for all of our products and services.

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Your Data Can Now Be Transformed Into "Best Practice" Methodologies!

We are offering our new benchmarking products and professional service platform, called the RiskPro® Health Optimizer, which is transforming the Casualty, Health and Disability Insurance industry by eliminating unnecessary chronic and legacy case costs. Our 38 years of data and experience are being utilized to allow individuals, self-insurers and insurers the opportunity to gain valuable insights into individual claims and programs, thereby eliminating excess case and administrative costs normally associated with traditional programs.

We utilize our substantial proprietary and public databases to transform programs from redundant, fee-based products and services to outcome-based, integrated programs.

Take Direct Control of Your Casualty, Health and Disability Risks by Employing RiskPro® Health Care Planning Services.

Since our company's inception, we have served insured and self-insured clients by gathering all of their key underwriting criteria and claims data, and then by assisting them to transform the daily management of risk and claims into a strategic difference. We assist them in creating state-of-the-art, outcome-based programs tailored to their specific needs.

Call us today to maximize your daily effort by employing the best team of independent case management practitioners in the casualty, health and disability management industry!

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