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Integrated Risk and Claim Settlement Solutions

Over the past several years, we have learned that having a strong settlement team of professionals has a dramatic effect on the outcomes of programs.

We have spent the last several years investing in the acquisition and development of claim settlement products and services that allow clients to understand casualty, health and disability costs. Our products and services now include Advanced Risk Analytics and Benchmarking, Expert Compensatory Damage Studies, Life Care Planning, Medicare Set Asides (MSA), Structured Settlements, Custodial MSA and Life Care Accounting, and Special Needs Trust Development.

The processes and technology that we have developed now allows our clients to take advantage of the latest knowledge base for advanced risk management practices.

Our specific products and services include: 

  • Financial profiles which detail the individual financial concerns and needs, as well as key information about your current situation.
  • Complete analysis of the client requirements using our RiskPro® infrastructure and network.
  • Thorough review of the entire file, obtaining the necessary information for written financial analysis that helps finalize settlement costs.
  • Financial Planning for the entire life cycle which takes into consideration the current and future situation, and provides advanced asset allocation strategies for the specific financial objectives.
  • Estate Planning Strategies including a detailed analysis of advanced life care situations to address more complicated and complex situations.
  • Flexible arrangements with financial service and wealth management partner organizations for trustworthy and secure products. 

We will provide a free analysis to determine if any of these products and services may assist you eliminating cost, waste, and/or redundancy from your risk and claim management programs. Call us today for a free consultation!

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